Callum Hudson-Odoi opens up about racial abuse in Bulgaria
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Callum Hudson-Odoi opens up about racial abuse in Bulgaria

England U21 international Callum Hudson-Odoi has revealed that he is prepared to walk off the pitch during a match if he is to endure racial abuse according to Football Ghana.

Hudson-Odoi further exclaimed that if the decision is made together with the manager Frank Lampard and teammates, it will be a bigger motivation for him to take a firm stance against racism. 

The comments came after an incident in Bulgaria following England's 6-0 victory in the Euro 2021 qualifier in which several racial slurs came from some Bulgarian supporters which led to disruption.

“It is disgusting to hear or see players getting discriminated against. Hopefully, everything will be sorted properly by UEFA”, the Chelsea rising star was quoted by Daily Mail.

He continued, “I am really proud to see the boys stick together. In those situations where they say they would walk off the pitch, it is right because no player should be treated differently.

“Gareth (Southgate) is the manager, we always have to stick by him. He makes the decision. It is all up to the manager and the captain.

“It is a captain decision but also a team decision. So we all have a say in what's happening.

“If the manager says we stay on the pitch, we stay on the pitch, try to cope with it as players and we make the decision all as a team.

“If we think it is right and we can focus and carry on playing then we do that. If not and the manager says something different then we do what the manager says”.

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