Premier League to reinforce anti-racism campaign during weekend matches

Premier League to reinforce anti-racism campaign during weekend matches

The Premier League is reinforcing its fight against racism in the division's top flight, further making it clear there is No Room For Racism in modern football. 

The association is working with all their clubs, fans, the FA, EFL, PFA, Kick It Out and the police to tackle discrimination across all areas of football.

The campaign demonstrates the league organisers' continued commitment to equality and diversity, using the power and popularity of the League to oppose racism in football.

This phase of the 'No Room For Racism' campaign will be visible at all Premier League matches right from Saturday to Sunday 27 October, emphasising that racist conduct is not tolerated and urging supporters to take action – ‘If you see it, report it.’

"Our fans share the belief that racism has no place in football or wider society, but discrimination still exists among a minority," Premier League Interim Chief Executive Richard Masters said.

"We will not tolerate racism in any form and urge anybody who witnesses racist behaviour to report it,"

"Tackling discrimination is a priority and we carry out a wide range of work in this area throughout the year,"

"Off the pitch, we continue to review and improve reporting and sanctioning processes for offenders. And within the game, we are committed to creating more pathways for black coaches," 

Fans too have been urged to get involved in the campaign and can report to a steward or the police incse they witness racist behaviour at a match or around a stadium.

The campaign comes following continued racism-related cases, with the latest being a EURO 2020 qualifier match between Bulgaria and England, where the English players were racially abused. 

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