Drogba turns down Chelsea coaching offer for one reason

Drogba turns down Chelsea coaching offer for one reason

Didier Drogba says he turned down a coaching offer from Chelsea just to pursue his ambition of becoming the Ivorian FA president.

Drogba retired from football at the end of 2018 after a spell ay Phoenix Rising and announced in September that he would run for the top job at the Ivory Coast Football Federation.

According to Metro, the 41-year-old had a meeting with a large number of presidents and representatives of lower-tier clubs in the country and shared his plans to replace Augustin Sidy Diallo.

Speaking on Wednesday in Abidjan, where he grew up, Drogba said: "I had an offer to stay at Chelsea where everything would be perfect and conditions are met.

"But I want to help Ivorian football because I love it!"

Speaking at a business forum when he first announced his plans, Drogba said: "I am a leader, and my vision is bigger than just the simple role of being a coach.

"A coach has an impact on a club – but I want to have an impact on an entire nation.

"I want us to re-think football, with a nationwide vision, so we can develop the game here. The Ivory Coast has a glorious footballing past.

"The funds are in place, together with talent and potential, but they are under-exploited.

"There are some very competent people in the Ivory Coast who can work with me on this project."

Drogba helped the Ivory Coast finally win the African Nations Cup in 2015.