Hector Bellerin reacts to boos from Arsenal fans after Brighton loss

Hector Bellerin reacts to boos from Arsenal fans after Brighton loss

Despite the 1-2 loss to Brighton and Hove Albion that prompted boos from Arsenal fans, Hector Bellerin claims that they gave 100%.

Brighton went ahead in the 36th minute through Adam Webster but Arsenal equalized five minutes after the resumption of the second half courtesy of an Alexandre Lacazette header. 

Arsenal went behind again in the 80th minute with Niel Maupay scoring a header that sealed three points for Brighton as boos rang at the Emirates Stadium.

In an interview with Amazon Prime Video, Bellerin was asked about the boos, "I think from the pitch, from how hard we’ve been working this week, from everything, every single player has given their 100%, the coaches as well.

"When we come out on that pitch, everyone wants to win. Everyone wants to give their best for that shirt. Sometimes I don’t know, as I say, it’s hard to say it.

"I felt like, especially in the second half, the team was full of energy, we had a goal disallowed – which was rightly disallowed anyway – but as I say it’s just hard to take for us.

Never give up

"We need to keep going, we cannot give up, we need to keep playing like the second half and I’m sure 100% the results will come.

"I don’t even know what to say. You get the feeling that whatever we’re doing it doesn’t come outright. The team gave its best, especially you can see how we pushed in the second half, created chances, every single player was going for every single ball.

"We defended good, but it seems like we need so many chances to score a goal and other teams with the smallest chances they score. It sounds a bit hard to say, but sometimes it’s like lost for words a bit."