🤘🏽 Sergio Agüero's nickname "Kun" explained

🤘🏽 Sergio Agüero's nickname "Kun" explained

Sergio Agüero is the most prolific non-British player in English Premier League history with 180 goals in the competition. 

"Kun", as he is affectionately known, will go down as a Manchester City and Premier League legend after his consistent goal-scoring exploits for almost nine years.

The nickname, which is emblazoned on the back of his jersey, has childhood roots and was first given to him by his grandparents. Apparently, Sergio bore a striking resemblance to the character "Kum-Kum" from his favourite animated show by the same name. 

Agüero's grandfather selected the nickname because Sergio, just like the animated character Kum-Kum, liked to cause trouble. 

"I coined the nickname Kun because of my resemblance to the character, who was actually named 'Kum-Kum. My parents say it was a Japanese cartoon I used to watch on television when I was very young, set in the Stone Age, where the main character was a boy called Kum Kum, the little caveman.”

"My grandparents were the first ones who gave me the name. I think my nickname is different in comparison to most athletes and so I have grown to appreciate it because it's unique. It's not every day an athlete is nicknamed after a cartoon character!" said Agüero. 

In Japanese language honorifics, the word "Kun" is used to address men and young boys. Schoolteachers, for example, will address male students with "Kun" while female students are addressed as "san" or "chan".

🇦🇷 Clinical Kun

This tweet from our official account has been getting a lot of love. It shows off just how lethal Kun has been in front of goal since 2011 in the Premier League. None of the great strikers of the English game can boast minutes-per-goals ratio quite like his. 

📲 *Since this tweet, Kun Agüero's tally of Premier League goals has risen to 180. That places him fourth on the all-time scoring charts, and he's still by far the most clinical in terms of goals to minutes ratio. 

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