Newcastle United boss Steve Bruce reassures that the club does not lack personality

Newcastle United boss Steve Bruce reassures that the club does not lack personality

Newcastle United manager Steve Bruce believes the team can never lose its spark although he insists the takeover would have made a difference.

Former Newcastle player Kieron Dyer is of the belief that it has been painful to watch his former team battle for results for the past five years.

Bruce hit back at Dyer's comments and affirmed that he is entitled to his own opinion but he will not accept the slander that the club lacks personality.

"We will never be a boring club. Kieron is entitled to his opinion," Bruce told reporters on a Zoom call.

"I have only been here 15 months so the three-and-a-half years before me gives me a bit of solace because they had one of the best managers in the world here so I will live with his assessment of it.

"I don't particularly agree that Newcastle will ever be boring. It is not the DNA here but I respect what he says. He's entitled to his opinion.

"We'd all love that – the goals, cup challenges, top seven or eight. At this particular moment, we are not in that position. That is what we strive for.

"Look at Everton over the last four or five years, what they have invested, what they have done in terms of managers, the turnover of managers, the people who haven't been able to cut it there. Then, all of a sudden, Ancelotti comes, two or three new players follow and that is what it takes.

"Unfortunately we are not there at the moment. We are where we are. That is the reality and I think most people accept that.

"That is why I think if the takeover had have happened with the consortium in the summer, it might have taken us to the next level if that's what you want to call it but we are where we are and my job, inch by inch, is to keep us trying to improve."

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