Jordan Henderson on why Brighton didn't deserve penalty

Jordan Henderson on why Brighton didn't deserve penalty

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson has revealed that Danny Welbeck and a few other players told him they didn't deserve being awarded the penalty.

Brighton & Hove Albion manager Graham Potter also told BBC Sport that Andy Robertson's challenge on Welbeck wasn't that drastic for a penalty but believes the teams have to go with the official's decisions as they are final.

“I’ve seen the replay,” said Henderson. “Who would be happy? It’s not a pen. It feels like we’re standing here every week and discussing incidents. I don’t want to get into trouble, but for me, it’s not a penalty.

“Danny Welbeck said to me it wasn’t a penalty. There were four or five of them who felt it wasn’t a penalty. To overturn it, it has to be clear and obvious.

“Is that a clear and obvious penalty, to go to the screen and overturn it. Obviously, the referees know better than us, but I thought the lads were brilliant today and deserve the three points.”

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