Scott McTominay earns new nickname following Leeds heroics

Scott McTominay earns new nickname following Leeds heroics

Manchester United's Scott McTominay has a new nickname following his heroics in the club's 6-2 win over Leeds United in the Premier League on Sunday night. 

The young Scot scored two goals in the opening three minutes to set United on the path to a huge win, which saw them move to third in the English Premier League standings. 

His teammate Bruno Fernandes has now nicknamed the midfielder 'Scottynaldinho',  which is a direct comparison with one of football's greats, Ronaldinho. 

“Football is really strange,” wrote United's no.18 on his Instagram. “Well done Scottynaldinho.”

McTominay made history with his brace, becoming the first player in the League's history to score a double in the opening three minutes of a match. 

Speaking on Monday morning, Fernandes also revealed why he loves commenting on his teammates' social medial updates. 

“I think it’s important to know the spirit of the group,” says the no.18. “It is really important. I like to joke with the players. As I’ve said before, we are like a family. 

“We spend a lot of time here [at the Aon Training Complex]. We go to the hotels and to the games and have a lot of time together.

“We have to have that connection, a good connection, so we are also having a good connection on the pitch.”

United will next face Everton on Wednesday night in the Carabao Cup quarter-final match at Goodison Park hoping to continue with their recent impressive form.