Lampard reluctant to ‘lay claim’ to Tuchel's Chelsea success

Lampard reluctant to ‘lay claim’ to Tuchel's Chelsea success

Ex Chelsea FC manager Frank Lampard has admitted that he had mixed reactions to the club winning the Champions League last month.

Lampard was relieved of his duties at the club in January where he was replaced by Thomas Tuchel and while the German delivered the trophy, there has been a feeling that the Englishman laid the foundation for the win and deserved some credit too.

In an interview with the BBC via The Express, Lampard said: “Obviously, you never want to lose your job, I’m in pretty good company at Chelsea, it happens, it’s the brutal reality of football at the top level. With reflection, it’s been nice to spend some time out of the game.

“I’m pretty proud of the job I did, it was an honor to manage the club. I came in at a tough time with the [transfer] ban and loss of Eden Hazard. Worked really hard in year one to get into the Champions League and Mason and with people like that, developing young players was a huge deal for me. I’m happy, you don’t want to lose your job but it was a huge experience for me.”

Asked about his feeling about the club winning the Champions League, Lampard added: “You work towards something you want to be there, you want to be the manager.

“I’ll never try to lay claim to that. I was part of the early foundation, potentially, but Thomas did a fantastic job getting them there.”

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