Follow Rules, Gor and AFC Tell FKF

Follow Rules, Gor and AFC Tell FKF

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has been accused of skipping the gun and sanctioning Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards without a fair hearing.

This comes after FKF fined AFC Sh6 million and Gor Sh4 million on Sunday for failing to show up for their FKF Premier League match at Thika Stadium on Saturday.

In addition, Gor Chairman Ambrose Rachier and his AFC counterpart, Dan Shikanda, were "provisionally suspended" by the federation.

The two clubs claim that the federation, led by Nick Mwendwa, has not paid their money following the FKF Betway Cup final, in which Gor defeated AFC to qualify for the CAF Confederation Cup.

Gor wants Sh2 million for the winning prize, while AFC wants Sh1 million for finishing second after losing 4-1 in post-match penalties.

The federation, on the other hand, stated that it had written to the two clubs, notifying them that they will receive their funds by August 5.

The teams boycotted the derby as a result, and the FKF Leagues and Competitions Committee fined them Sh10 million and deducted both clubs three points on Sunday. The Shikanda and Rachier "suspensions" are currently being heard by the FKF Disciplinary Committee.

Rachier expressed his displeasure with the way the sanctions were applied on Monday. The FKF Rules and Regulations, as well as the Kenyan Constitution, he claimed, had been broken.

He stated that the law needs a fair hearing and that action should be done only if the defendant or parties are found guilty.

"I have never heard of anybody being punished without being tried, unless he (Mwendwa) is talking about a kangaroo justice system," said Rachier.

"Even the Kenyan Constitution states that no one should be condemned or punished without being heard."

What do the rules say?

According to section 3.1.6 of Chapter 3 of the FKF Rules and Regulations, if two teams fail to show up for their scheduled match, they will be docked three points and two goals from what they have already earned or will earn.

Additional fines against the teams may be applied.

"Purporting to fine and suspend us is the most absurd thing any leader worth his salt can do. Fines and suspensions are punishment after trying someone and finding them guilty," said Rachier, adding that his lawyers are on the matter.

Rachier and Shikanda will be heard later, according to Mwendwa, who announced the sanctions. The amount of a team's fine is not specified under the FKF rules.