Have you heard about UEFA's planned Champions League reforms?

Have you heard about UEFA's planned Champions League reforms?

The UEFA Champions League is set to undergo dramatic reforms from the 204/25 season. 

The competition will follow a new format. moving away from the current format’s opening 32-team group stage.

So, from the 2024/25 season, there will be a single league made up of all 36 competing clubs, meaning there is room for four teams to be added to the current 32-team format.

These reforms received unanimous backing on 19 April from both the European Club Association (ECA) Board and the UEFA Club Competitions Committee.

"This evolved format will still keep alive the dream of any team in Europe to participate in the UEFA Champions League thanks to results obtained on the pitch and it will enable long-term viability, prosperity, and growth for everyone in European football, not just a tiny, self-selected cartel," said UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin during the meeting. 

How will the new format work?

Under the new format, teams will play four matches more than is currently the case.

They will no longer play three opponents twice – home and away – but will instead face fixtures against 10 different teams, half of them at home and half of them away. 

However, from the round of 16 onward, the competition will continue to follow its existing format of knockout rounds leading to the final staged at a neutral venue selected by UEFA.

In addition to the Champions League, both the Europa League and the all-new Europa Conference League will also evolve to replace their group stage with a single league.