Premier League clubs lodge complaints about Newcastle sale

Premier League clubs lodge complaints about Newcastle sale

Teams in the Premier League have lodged a complaint to the league body after allowing a £305m takeover of Newcastle by a Saudi Arabian-backed group.

There is understood to be frustration from clubs about how the deal passed the owners' and directors' test as they claim they were not informed about the sale with the entrance of the Saudis's a concern to them at how the world will perceive the league.

According to the Sun, the thoughts are about the many human rights issues linked to the group with the clubs now demanding a meeting with the Premier League, which has previously said the takeover process would remain confidential.

There is irritation with the Premier League board from all 19 other clubs, who are united in a view they should have been kept updated on an issue of such significance. The teams feel that they should have been told what changed to allow the deal to proceed before it was completed.

In the deal, Saudi’s Public Investment Fund – worth around £320billion - will own 80 percent, with its Governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan now also Newcastle’s non-executive chairman.

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