Liverpool legend slams Pogba’s superstar attitude

Liverpool legend slams Pogba’s superstar attitude

John Barnes has suggested Paul Pogba needs to stop having a different attitude when playing France.

Barnes believes that Pogba shows far more commitment and teamwork when wearing the blue jersey of France, but is a different player on the grass for Manchester United.

The Liverpool legend puts the difference purely on Pogba’s “feelings.”

“Playing for France and Manchester United are two different things. He plays much better for France than Manchester United, and that has a lot to do with how he feels about playing for France, in terms of being a team player,” Barnes said as quoted by the Mirror

According to Barnes, English media and fans tend to treat footballers as superstars and Pogba seemingly feeds off that very well.

“Whereas, for Manchester United, with his price tag, and being who he is, and the way we treat our superstar players in England.

“He probably feels he is a superstar, so therefore plays differently, rather than being the team player he is for the national side.

“Winning a trophy with France won't necessarily help him at Manchester United, until he decides to have the same attitude playing his club football, as he does for France,” he concluded.

Coming up next for the Red Devils is a tough trip to Leicester City this weekend.

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