Kimmich explains why he isn't vaccinated against COVID-19

Kimmich explains why he isn't vaccinated against COVID-19

Joshua Kimmich has stated why he won't receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Bayern boss, Julian Nagelsmann, who was completely vaccinated, missed his second match in a row after testing positive for the coronavirus. The 34-year-old was also absent from Wednesday's 4-0 Champions League triumph against Benfica.

Kimmich stated that he is not averse to being vaccinated at some point in the future, but that he would like to wait for more research to be done first.

"I just want to wait for myself when it comes to long-term studies [about the vaccine]," Kimmich told Sky Deutschland after the game. "Nevertheless, I am aware of my responsibility.

"Of course, I adhere to the hygiene measures. It is also the case that we unvaccinated players at the club are tested every two or three days.

"Nevertheless, it is not now that I am in any way a corona denier or vaccination opponent. I don't say categorically that I won't be vaccinated at all. It's just about the fact that I still have a few concerns. That is why it is very possible that I will be vaccinated in the future."

When asked about the 'WeKickCorona' campaign that he and his Bayern Munich teammate Leon Goretzka initiated last year, Kimmich replied that his goal was to help individuals affected by COVID-19.

"'WeKickCorona' was about supporting charitable institutions and non-profit purposes that support people who are in need due to corona," Kimmich said. 

"We have also donated money to Unicef, which then makes vaccines available. The point is that there are countries that do not have access to the vaccine. 

"I think everyone should make the decision for themselves. It [should not be] possible that someone has no access."

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