👨🏻‍⚖️ German-based player gets big ban for spitting at referee

👨🏻‍⚖️ German-based player gets big ban for spitting at referee

The German FA has slapped a player with a seven-month ban for spitting in a referee’s assistant eye.

The midfielder, Clemens Fandrich, was given his marching orders after getting into a dispute over a throw-in. The incident initially looked like a minor argument before the referee flashed a red card.

According to the official, the player spat in Roman Potemkin's eye.

The German FA later issued a statement to say the 30-year-old will be banished for seven months for violence against a referee.

"Violence against referees and their assistants is punishable by suspensions of six months to two years," DFB disciplinary chief Hans Lorenz said, as per the Sun.

"The tribunal took into account Fandrich's previous impeccable behaviour in 12 years of professional football.

"However spitting in an assistant's face is such a serious matter that we considered a heavier punishment."

Meanwhile, Fandrich has argued his innocence ahead of applying for an appeal.

"I am shocked. It is an absolute lie, and a slur on my reputation," he added.

"I didn't spit at him. I will get a lawyer to see how I can fight back."