Fuming Ferdinand reveals two problems Man United let slide

Fuming Ferdinand reveals two problems Man United let slide

Rio Ferdinand believes Manchester United has allowed too many people to direct the club in public circles.

The former skipper feels that disappointing results will always lead to unhappy staff and players, but people should not get away with spreading negative headlines about Man United.

"I think Man United’s biggest mistake they’ve made in recent years is allowing certain players and people externally who are part of players’ circles and networks to disrespect the club publicly," the United legend said on his YouTube channel.

"They haven’t slammed the door shut in their face and really put them people in the place they should be.

"You can’t allow that because the minute you allow that once, one step out of line, other players and people in their circles start thinking 'oh he got away with it, I’ll say my thing because there’s no repercussions, my player isn’t going to come under any type of fire at the club,' no.

"You nail that person immediately and I don’t understand… that’s the mistake hierarchy at the football club in recent years have done poorly.

"They’ve let stuff slide too much. They’ve got to be drilled those people."

Ferdinand, who won an impressive six English Premier League titles with the club, concluded to address Donny van de Beek and Jesse Lingard’s respective struggles for game-time.

"You’re going to have unhappy players, it’s part of the job and management. You’re going to have to manage unhappy players because players are going to be in that squad who aren’t playing," he added.

"Donny van de Beek, I understand someone like him being unhappy but from what I hear not a moaner, he gets on with it and isn’t going to tell his agent to speak in the media or spill the beans so that he looks like a certain type of character.

"Jesse Lingard [too] they just want to play football.

"But then you’ll have another type of player who understands being on the peripheral of a squad, plays minimal games, accepts it and wants to be there for that.

"Then they’ll be players who are going to be bad eggs and say that if I don’t play I’m going to make it uncomfortable for everybody,” he concluded.

Up next for the Red Devils is a trip to Villa Park to battle Steven Gerrard's Aston Villa on Saturday.

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