Arsenal fans did not like Iwobi – Wright

Arsenal fans did not like Iwobi – Wright

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has said winger Alex Iwobi was not the fans' favourite during his spell at the Emirates.

Speaking during a match analysis before the start of Everton’s Premier League clash against Bournemouth on Sunday, Wright said the Nigerian forward did not get the kind of needed support at Arsenal.

"I am delighted for him (Iwobi), you know I’ve watched him from a young age at Arsenal coming through the Academy.

“The problem he had at Arsenal is that I don’t think the fans would have given him the kind of support that he would now get from Everton because he’ll play a few games and then have a couple of mistakes in games and the fans totally turned against him. I just think it was getting toxic for him.

"For them to get that kind of money for him, he’s about the only one Arsenal could have sold and got that kind of profit on and I think it worked out best for both parties,” he told BBC Sports.

Iwobi made his third English Premier League appearance for Everton on in a 3-1 loss to Bournemouth on Sunday.

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