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OPINION: Kenya football woes-FKF should take blame for failing to convince the Government and fans

OPINION: Kenya football woes-FKF should take blame for failing to convince the Government and fans

Kenya national women team-the Harambee Starlets-might forfeit their Olympic Qualifier against Zambia due to lack of funds. The same unavailable funds have now put the 2021 African Cup of Nations Qualifier between Harambee Stars and Egypt in jeopardy.

The Football Kenya Federation through President Nick Mwendwa, in a presser on Tuesday, said that the circumstances were due to the lack of government support in facilitating the two national teams. There has been a tug of war between the two factions with the government requesting FKF to furnish them with the 2019 AFCON audit after they released more than Ksh 200 M towards the same.

FKF claims that they have done so but the government is clinging on one issue. If they budgeted for the entire championship until the final and Harambee Stars were ousted in the group stage, then they ought to have received some money back and the war doesn’t seem to be ending soon; fans nodding in unison.

Yes. It is the responsibility of the Government (through Sports Fund) to facilitate Federations (all sports federations not FKF alone). Yes. Mwendwa has a right to complain when he can’t receive the money but he needs to be asked questions too.

Government History

When getting into the office Mwendwa knew the Government history with sports in this country. He knew that theirs' has always been a lack of goodwill to the hardworking sportsmen in this country. He knew this body would cheer their victories the most and hide when they needed help. These are the same reasons why, under TEAM CHANGE, Nick promised to give football an attractive image to lure investors.

In their campaigns, they said that we had no goodwill from the Government-he's complaining about now-because one Sam Nyamweya had given football a bad image and there was no one interested in working with him from the cooperate world. Four years down the line and the same cooperates have shunned him.

The same Nick knew that the over 200+M given by the government when his regime led us to the 2019 AFCON had to come and bite at some point. The government can’t release such amounts and play low when they squeeze other federations. We all know how they behave. He has said their financiers have the report of how money was used in preparation for that tournament hosted in Egypt but anyone would know they didn't give a good show with the money given.

We all saw busy bodies ferried to escape the humid conditions we had here for the French cold and then ferried again to Cairo to practice Haree Krishna hymns using the same amounts. I'm ashamed they couldn't offer us a rendition last Sunday during the Diwali festival. My point is books can be balanced; it’s an act learned in school by the people you call accountants on these streets. The government isn’t stupid.

AFCON bonuses

At AFCON, each team that qualified was entitled to receive $260,000 as preparation money. All teams knocked out from the group stage had $475,000 waiting for them. Add that amount to the amount the government gave and the money from Betin and you realize someone isn't being serious.

Mwendwa should tell us if he has a marketing team. If YES, he should tell us why they are on a payroll and if NO, he should inform the public why he's not employed any. Uganda's FUFA, with all the government support for national teams, has more than five sponsors for their teams.

They are actively involved with the ladies' team. FUFA has just funded the teams flying their flag for continental duties. Can you people ask Nick what he has done for Bandari and Gor Mahia?