Liverpool legend Sounness slams Aubameyang's interview after Newcastle win

Liverpool legend Sounness slams Aubameyang's interview after Newcastle win

Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's interview after Sunday's 4-0 win over Newcastle has been slammed as "unacceptable" by Liverpool legend and Sky Sports pundit Graeme Souness.

The Gabonese striker scored the first goal as Arsenal romped to the first League win of the year at Emirates on Sunday evening.

Aubameyang told Sky Sports that he thought they’d gained a better idea of how to play under Arteta.

“We feel better. We have an idea of playing. It’s very clear and we are trying to maintain this level,” he said. 

Senior player

However, these comments did not impress Sounness who feels that Aubameyang is a senior player and should know how to control the game and help the younger teammates in doing so as well. 

“What’s having an understanding with a manager got to do with anything?” Souness said after seeing Aubameyang’s interview.

“I don’t like that. I don’t like players talking like that. You know what you have to do. Okay, there’s one young player and one senior player there, Aubameyang I think he’s 31. I don’t like players talking like that," he added. 

“When you get to a certain age you know what you have to do to be successful at this level. You have to run around with enthusiasm, you have to be aggressive, you don’t give the ball away cheaply. I get fed up hearing ‘tactics, tactics, tactics’. The first thing you have to get right: you have to have the ball."

“So to get the ball you have to get to it first, and then you’re in possession, and then a bit of team shape, team play, comes into action.

First win

“But to hear people say “we now know what we’re doing”, I’m not accepting that. For a 31-year-old to say ‘yeah it’s now clear, we now know what we’re doing’.

“I am not accepting that. He knows what he has to do to be successful. He’d have known that six, seven, eight years ago.”

Arsenal are now 10th with 34 points, one behind ninth-placed Manchester United. This was their first win in five matches, the other four being draws.