Bundesliga side Wolfsburg resume training amid coronavirus pandemic

Bundesliga side Wolfsburg resume training amid coronavirus pandemic

Despite leagues being suspended and players advised to stay at home, Bundesliga side Wolfsburg returned to training on Monday despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The team resumed training in four small groups at staggered times in the gym two hours apart to avoid each other as much as possible and rather than using the facilities at VfL-Center, the team used four different changing rooms in the Volkswagen Arena.

Speaking on the team’s return to their base, striker Daniel Ginczek said: "Obviously we'd all prefer to be playing football but we're aware we need to adapt to the way things are.

"It's our job to keep ourselves fit, whether that's at home or in small groups like today. Every group had a session in the gym at different times and we worked on the legs and torso.

"The club took every conceivable precaution in terms of hygiene. The rooms at the stadium are very big and each group had its own changing room, where the players sat a long way away from each other. Everyone had their own things like towels, black rolls and mats."

There have been more than 120 deaths in Germany from at least 29,000 cases a move that led chancellor Angela Merkel to ban public meetings of more than two people.

The Bundesliga-which has been one of the major leagues suspended due to the break- is scheduled to resume after April 2, with Wolfsburg due to travel to Bayer Leverkusen two days later.