Players union oppose plans to introduce salary caps in England

Players union oppose plans to introduce salary caps in England

England's footballers' union has opposed The English Football League’s plans to introduce an American style salary cap for clubs, to help deal with the cash crisis prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The EFL clubs are expected to vote on Friday on proposals to set a limit on clubs’ wage bills, in the third-tier League One and fourth-tier League Two for next season.

A salary cap set at 2.5 million pounds for League One and 1.5 million pounds for League Two has been proposed while Championship salary cap proposals have been dropped.

But the PFA says that the move is being rushed into without enough consultation with the players.

“The introduction of a salary cap in English football represents a seismic change. It is a change that will have far-reaching and significant impacts right across the professional game. We must take the time to ensure that these are properly considered and understood,” the PFA said in a statement on Thursday.

The EFL said that they plan to go ahead with the vote on Friday.

Currently the only limits on the money clubs can spend are the financial fair play (FFP) rules which restricts the amount of losses a club may post over a three-year period.