UCL: Conte clash with reporters after Inter Milan elimination

UCL: Conte clash with reporters after Inter Milan elimination

Inter Milan manager Antonio Conte directed his anger to reporters after his side’s elimination from Europe on Wednesday night.

Inter finished bottom of their group after a goalless draw against Shakhtar Donetsk and when asked about his team’s performance, the Italian disagreed that they lacked determination in the tie.

“You (reporters) can have your opinion, I respect that. I do not agree, because I think the team gave all it had, did all it needed to. It's incredible that over two games that we dominated against Shakhtar, we didn't score a single goal.

“I don't agree we lacked determination at all. My players gave their all tonight, so I absolutely do not agree. We have to evaluate everything with cool heads, not after an exit like this. There is a great deal of regret and disappointment, but I absolutely do not feel we were lacking determination, focus or aggression,” Conte said.

The tactician further blamed the VAR and the referees all through the competition but admitted that they failed to take chances as a team.

“We lacked a goal and throughout the Champions League campaign, we have not been fortunate with referees and the VAR. If you go back and look at all the situations that were not seen or evaluated, then. Having said that, there is a disappointment because we had the chances, but if you don't score goals, you don't win.

“Shakhtar came here and transformed their tactics against us in order to neutralize us. They lost 5-0, so that's why they changed. Think before asking questions!" he added.