🇰🇪 City Stars coach Sanjin opens up on racism allegations

🇰🇪 City Stars coach Sanjin opens up on racism allegations

Nairobi City Stars head coach Sanjin Alagic has finally opened up on the racism allegations labeled on him by Vihiga United.

The Bosnian was accused by his opponents, whom they faced in week six of league action, for using a racist slur in one of his arguments with their technical bench.

The club had done its part of the investigation and found the coach not guilty but nothing had been forthcoming from the coach on the said incident.

After a deserved holiday rest in his native Bosnia, the tactician has opened up saying that the allegations were unfound and thanked the club for having his back in what he described was a difficult time.

Part of Sanjin statement as noted by the club's website:

“Football is an emotional sport as we all know, and the referee, as well as everyone else in the ground, will have known that I was not happy. Our owner and chairperson, Jonathan Jackson, came up to me and asked me to calm down, which he was correct to do. I consequently did.

“We went in for the half time break as normal; just like the other team. There was no indication of anything out of the ordinary for a football match; one team being pleased with being in the lead, and the other being disappointed at being behind.

“At no time did I speak to any of the opposition players during the game, and aside from greeting the opposition coach at the start of the game, at no time did I speak to him. It is not my style to be communicating with the opposition, as there is rarely any need. No doubt this can be supported by video footage of me on the touchline in Kenya back to the start of last season, as well as footage of me on the touchline in different countries across Europe and the Middle East.

“Racism is the lowest of the low. Having seen racism destroy my country and lead to war when I was younger, I detest it and stand against it. It should be taken with utmost seriousness. When people flagrantly make baseless claims of racism it affects the person in question and everyone around them. In addition to that, it disrespects all of the people within the system that are trying to eradicate racism from our game and from our world. Crying ‘wolf’ now means that the next person who does suffer from racism will not be taken as seriously.”