Arsenal need a plan, says club legend Paul Merson

Arsenal need a plan, says club legend Paul Merson

Arsenal legend Paul Merson says the club needs a long-term plan that needs to start right now in order to have any chances of turning around the club's fortunes in the future. 

Arsenal have struggled this season and face up the prospect of no European football for the first time in 25 years. Head coach Mikel Arteta faces mounting pressure from the fans and Merson has reflected on disappointing Europa League exit. 

Merson believes the club should try and move forward after what has been an extremely painful season for the Gunners.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the former Arsenal forward said, "This is a five-year plan and they have got to start it today."

"Do you stick with Arteta, have a plan, and say let's start getting rid of people and start to bring in people, young players who are going to get better and help Arsenal challenge for the title in five years' time?

"Not next year. It is not happening next year. So, you have to be patient and have a plan. It has to be a four or five-year plan to get Arsenal back to the top. Don't start saying we need to get Arsenal challenging next year because they can't. They are a million miles away from that.

Arteta and board

"Are they going to keep Arteta because he's going to listen to the board? That's the key.

"When the European Super League came up, Arteta came out and said what a nice man the owner is. He sort of backed him up. Now, if that's a Sam Allardyce or a Rafael Benitez, someone who has been around a long time in the game, they would go mad. They would call it a disgrace because they would know they are top managers. We saw it with Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola. They came straight out and called the Super League a joke and a disgrace.

"With Arteta is he just their man? Is he someone they can just tell what to do? Whatever is decided, they have got to have a plan and stick to it. They have got to start afresh, get some younger players in and get smart again."

Arsenal travel to Stamford Bridge to take on Chelsea on Wednesday in a Premier League encounter.

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