🇨🇮 Amad Diallo on the gift he offers Man United

🇨🇮 Amad Diallo on the gift he offers Man United

Manchester United's winger Amad Diallo has attempted to explain his special ability to glide past opposition defenders.

The 19-year-old Ivorian was signed from Serie A club Atalanta for €21,3m last season during the January transfer window. The left-winger later made eight appearances that included one goal and one assist.

Having a chat with Man United's media, Diallo was asked to explain how he was able to sharpen his super quality to dribble past defenders at high speed.

"That is a tough one! But honestly, I think that it is a gift," Diallo said to United's media.

"I think you dribble using your technique and your intelligence. So, for example, if you are faced with two defenders, then perhaps you can’t dribble, or you can only play a one-two, so you have to use your head and your skills to decide what to do initially and then your next move.

"Therefore, when I have the ball, I think about what I can do, play a one-two, dribble, that is what I think," he concluded.

Meanwhile, Diallo is focused on pre-season as the Red Devils look ahead to challenging for the English Premier League title after finish second behind Manchester City last season.

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