PSG hit back at LaLiga President Javier Tebas over transfers

PSG hit back at LaLiga President Javier Tebas over transfers

PSG have hit back at LaLiga president Javier Tebas following his comments on the French club's spending and the age of their players. 

In an immediate clap-back, the French giants further urged Tebas to focus on the league's 'mismanagement' as well as the league's swelling debt. 

In a recent presser, Tebas criticised PSG's summer deals, which included the signing of Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi, players well over 30

"PSG looks like the league of legends given the age of some players. La Liga has young players like Vinicius (Junior). The problem of PSG, we will solve it. What PSG are doing is as dangerous as the Super League," Tebas said.

"We will continue to grow despite the departure of Messi. We will work against the club states. These clubs are as much enemies as the Super League."

In a letter directed at Tebas on Wednesday, PSG, through the general secretary Victoriano Melero strongly hit back; 

"Time after time, you allow yourself to publicly attack the French League, our club, our players together with players of other clubs and the fans of French football; while constantly posting insulting and defamatory statements insinuating that we do not conform to the football financial regulations, amongst other unsubstantiated statements," Melero wrote.

"The French League did not, like your league, wait until recent years to take actions and put in place strong financial regulations," he continued.

"It is now publicly-known that certain Spanish clubs and your league are facing unsustainable levels of debt after gross mismanagement, not to mention the way Spanish football has been financed over the past decade including by the State."

"The LFP asks Mr. Javier Tebas to watch his outrageous statements," which were "not worthy of the institution he represents," the LFP said in a statement.

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