🇧🇷 Sick Pele says he’s getting ‘closer to the goal'

🇧🇷 Sick Pele says he’s getting ‘closer to the goal'

Brazil and global football icon Pele has encouraged the world to celebrate his life and career as he nears his death.

The 81-year-old from Minas Gerais delivered the message soon after he returned home from the hospital where he had removed a suspected colon tumour, which was detected during routine tests.

He left the ICU unit in the first week of September.

Pele has since gone on social media to send out a message that suggests he has come to terms with his mortality.

"I suggest you start to catch your breath to celebrate with me, because with each passing day I get closer to the goal," Pele wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the former striker is undergoing chemotherapy. 

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