FIFA Museum acquires Comoros defender Chaker Alhadhur's AFCON jersey

FIFA Museum acquires Comoros defender Chaker Alhadhur's AFCON jersey

The FIFA Museum has acquired the shirt of Comoros defender Chaker Alhadhur from the AFCON round of 16 match against Cameroon in which he was forced to play as the goalkeeper.

The island nation, making their debut at the tournament, shocked many of the continent's heavyweights, including beating Ghana in the group stages. 

Their match against the hosts in the knockout round had a dramatic turn, and the moment will be remembered for many years to come. 

Salim Ben Boina, Comoros' first-choice goalkeeper was ruled out with an injury, while the two back-ups, alongside seven other players, tested positive for Covid-19. 

This left the team with no recognized goalkeeper, forcing Alhadhur, who plays as a left-back to step in and start between the posts. 

He performed brilliantly and at the end of the match, despite losing 2-1, became a national hero. 

"To commemorate this unforgettable moment in African football history, the FIFA Museum is proud to add the jersey Alhadhur wore during this match to its collection.

"The makeshift number three on its back commemorates this special moment and is a testament to the strength and willingness to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

"It is a worthy addition to the FIFA Museum Collection and we are very much looking forward to find the perfect opportunity to put the jersey on display for the public,"

Comoros are ranked 128th on the FIFA world ranking.

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