Kurt Zouma pleads guilty to kicking and slapping cat

Kurt Zouma pleads guilty to kicking and slapping cat

Kurt Zouma has just pled guilty to animal cruelty charges after video evidence showed him kicking and hitting a cat.

Zouma appeared in court with his brother Yoan, who shot the video that went viral on social media in February and drew significant outrage. Kurt Zouma admitted to violating the Animal Welfare Act on two counts.

Kurt Zouma could be seen dropping, kicking, and slapping one of his cats in the video, with laughing in the background. The 27-year-old then follows the animal before smacking its head and tossing a pair of sneakers at it.

The RSPCA, an animal protection organization, initiated the case.

The brothers were bundled into the court by their security guards, as they held coats over their faces.

After the video surfaced, Zouma apologized. During the hearing, Yoan, 24, acknowledged to one offense.

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